Third Party Logistics

Our system delivers powerful capabilities.

  • Bidding/procurement
  • Carrier realignment
  • Order consolidation/load optimization
  • Freight management
  • Load execution
  • Spot market management

All in one solution from one company. The capabilities that will give your company the upper hand.

Bid Procurement
Many shippers attempt to devise methods aimed at getting carriers to give the lowest possible rates, but carriers can only go so low. What if you could help carriers reduce their costs so that they could pass those cost savings on to you? It can be done. Software has done it with the Bid Procurement tool, and that’s the first step to huge savings in your freight costs.

Mode Optimization
Do you have freight that doesn’t always fit perfectly into the simplest shipping mode? Maybe you have freight orders that don’t fill a truckload or that require special handling or scheduling. A lot of money can be wasted shipping freight by the wrong means. The Mode Optimization tool can sort through all of this to find the best fit for every order.

Load Execution
If you’re shipping large quantities of freight, and you’re still handling much of the work manually, your staff is spending hours upon hours on tasks that can be automated. Not only does the Load Execution tool dramatically reduce the amount of labor required to manage your freight, it also diminishes errors and supports your efforts to manage proactively. You gain the ability to prevent problems before they occur, instead of constantly cleaning up the mess after it’s too late.

The Return on Investment is Solid

You get a powerful return on the investment…

• Aligns your network with the networks of your carriers.
• Strengthens your business relationships with your carriers.
• Standardizes the freight procurement process.
• Ensures integrity.
• Streamlines your load execution.
• Optimizes your mode selection.
• Empowers you to take control of your freight management.